Nucleate and Cromatic

Nucleate supports the founder-led movement by providing a stage for scientists looking to move their work from academia to biotech. The Nucleate Activator program begins with teams of scientists, often graduate students nearing the end of their PhD, who are interested in spinning-out their research. The program is comprehensive, providing workshops and mentorship sessions that provide a strong foundation for new bio-entrepreneurs. As the program progresses, team members receive legal advice regarding IP and corporate law, and iterate on ideas with veteran leaders in biotech. As a part of these sessions, Cromatic will run a course focusing on how to appropriately use outsourcing to accelerate a startup's growth, including how to determine the right time to outsource, the scale of outsourcing services offered, and what to look out for when choosing a CRO. Surveys of the biotech sector estimate that nearly 65% of new pharmaceuticals are contributed by emerging startups. These companies are staying lean and moving quickly by using CROs to expand their capabilities, making outsourcing a crucial part of a modern biotech startup.

The Nucleate Activator program culminates in a pitch event, where each team presents their startup plan to a panel of industry leaders. Here, the next challenge begins in starting to build up their new company. Nucleate’s partnership with Cromatic means that all participating teams will receive access to the Cromatic platform. We at Cromatic are extremely grateful to be able to support Nuclear Activate winners with our service, and are excited to see the next wave of biotechs launch.